MySQL Workbench’s EER Diagram – a must-have tool for database designers

If you’re using MySQL as your DBMS, you will likely to encounter the MySQL Workbench. MySQL Workbench is the default and recommended management tool for MySQL, it is more powerful than the PHPMyAdmin.

Aside from management tools offered by the software, it has a powerful tool to create and maintain a database, this is called the EER Diagram tool or Enhanced Entity-Relationship Diagram tool.

EER Diagram allows you to design your database visually, although designing tables are still created in traditional tabular form, establishing and maintaining table relationships are made easy.

Sakila_full model – a sample EER built-in to MySQL Workbench allows the user to try and test the tool

There are two ways to get started. One is via Reverse Engineer, the other one is to create your model from scratch. Reverse engineer in MySQL Workbench will get the structure and definitions of any existing MySQL database and layouts the EER diagram automatically.

Once you’re done creating your model, you can either Forward Engineer to publish it to your database server (this can be used if the database is not yet created), or Synchronize Model to sync your changes to existing database.


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